The Housing department has informed us that the West Campus front lawn is scheduled to be removed and replaced with a parking lot.

(Former) West Campus Vice President Stephanie Griffith wants your help to save the lawn! Please read her personal appeal to the Tenant's Association members:

In a time when so much of our undeveloped land falls victim to the ever-increasing demand for smooth, hot, black asphalt, West Campus residents are proud to boast their large, open, green lawn where the community at large is able to come together to savor this bastion of unpaved space. Family picnics, saturday afternoon football games, and much-loved Easter egg hunts may very well become a thing of the past ...continue reading

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Now that your new board members have been elected, take a moment to get to know them and feel free to reach out to any one of them if you need housing support!

Amelia LeonardAmelia Leonard

Amelia is new to the board and serves as President. She brings her experience as a landlord, military personnel, and a full time mom of two little boys. Her love of community is contagious and she is excited to implement ...continue reading

braxton_144Board elections are coming and more details will be posted very soon!

President Braxton Lethco wants you to consider runing. Please read his letter to the Tenant's Association members:

This time last year I had no idea what the UCSB Tenants’ Association was.  I had seen signs about free pizza, I had a Tenants’ Association magnet on the fridge, and my neighbor was TA President, but I had no idea what she did.  One morning, ...continue reading

Housing has begun an exciting project to bring citrus trees to FSH! They are beginning in Storke.

Ficus trees have caused root infestations, damaging infrastructure and plumbing. In this pilot program, four deteriorating trees and Juniper bushes will be removed. University policy requires replacing them with twelve new trees, so garden staff have decided to plant citrus! This will encourage sustainable local gardening (and citrus fruit won't attract any of our animal neighbors).

Here is a map ...continue reading