having trouble with the new washing system? You  are not alone.
Having trouble with the new washing system? You are not alone.

Are you having trouble with the new WaveRider Laundry System? Please email the TA board at ucsbta@gmail.com with your experiences.

We plan on meeting with housing to discuss many of the problems encountered by residents; it is extremely helpful if we have first-hand accounts.

As your Tenants Association, we constantly strive to proactively advocate on behalf of all residents at UCSB FSH. Please send us your comments.


West Campus FSH Construction Relief Deal

Through the petition efforts, the residents of West Campus were able to reach a deal with Housing regarding the ongoing Sierra Madre construction project. Housing has agreed to the following terms:

1. A complex-wide rent freeze for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 academic years*

2. Financial moving assistance for those residents in close proximity to the construction who wish to relocate to a less impacted apartment (contact Housing for apartment relocation)

3. Additional relief is available for all West Campus residents due to hardships experienced. Residents can apply via an online application and amounts are determined based on apartment proximity to construction sites.

* rates will revert to their actual cost basis for the 2016-17 fiscal year (July 1, 2016)

For a visual on how your apartment has been affected by construction based on proximity, and to better understand how the refund determinations are based, click here. For more information regarding the petition efforts and additional resources check out westcampusresidents.weebly.com.

A note from UCSB Housing:

"We have some exciting updates to share with you regarding our Housing & Residential Services laundry facilities.  We’ve been working with our laundry vendor, WASH multifamily laundry systems, to provide you with new features and conveniences.  As part of this effort, WASH will be installing new laundry equipment that is compatible with the WaveRider Laundry System.  With this new system, each washer and dryer is equipped with its own credit card reader.  All you need to do is swipe your credit or debit card and press start.  You will no longer need to load value on to a smart card to use the machines.

In addition to the payment convenience, the new system is also equipped with WaveVision.  WaveVision allows you to view the status of all available machines from the comfort of your room.  Additionally, you can view time remaining on each machine as well as get an email or text notification when a specific machine is complete.  This will help cut down on unnecessary trips to check on the status of machines.


Equipment installation schedule:
11/4 to 11/6: Carrillo Laundry Room, West Campus Family Student Housing, Storke Family Student Housing

11/11 to 11/13: Santa Ynez Apartments
11/18 to 11/20: San Clemente Village
12/1 to 12/5: Westgate, El Dorado

The roll-out of the new equipment will begin starting on October 21st.  We are making every effort to make this a smooth transition for you.  We’ve scheduled a representative from WASH to be come on campus and process refunds for value remaining on your current WASH value card.  Any resident may visit listed locations, regardless of where they live.  Office staff will also have mail in refund kits available if you are unable to attend one of the sessions below.


The WASH representative will be on site to refund value cards on the following dates and times:

Tuesday, 10/28: 9am to 5pm Manzanita Village – DeAnza Classroom 1019

Tuesday, 11/4: 9am to 5pm West Campus Community Center

Tuesday, 11/18: 9am to 5pm San Clemente Center

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by contacting the main office for your complex."

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