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Please email here to declare your candidacy for office on the Family Student Housing Tenants' Association.

All positions are up for re-election.

Check out page 6 of the TA bylaws to get a detailed description of each board members duties while in office.

Being involved with the Tenants’ Association has helped me build friendships, strengthen a community and give a voice to those who were unable to speak for themselves.  I had the opportunity to meet hundreds of residents and work with housing officials to resolve dozens of key problems.  I truly believe that the Tenants’ Association makes UC Santa Barbara a better place.  Over the last twelve months the TA board has resolved parking issues, improved the internet connection, and reduced residents’ annual rent by more than $100,000.  The TA board was also involved in projects related to the Sierra Madre construction, the improved garden production and the first annual Day of Caring tree planting service project.

Maybe you know nothing about the TA board, maybe you’ve never been to a meeting or met someone on the board.  Regardless of what you don’t know, if you know that you want to make UC Santa Barbara a better place, I would encourage you run.

Braxton Lethco - TA Board President 2013-2014

Citrus Trees and Herbs Are Here!

Last year, the Tenants’ Association helped sponsor a Day of Caring,  created the Storke All-Resident Community Garden in two large community plots next to the volleyball court at Storke.

UCSB Housing and Residential Services have ripped out all existing vegetation and planted twelve mature citrus trees, as well as landscape the area. The H&RS grounds team also planted herbs along a flagstone path throughout the planter boxes.

All residents are welcome to take fruit and herbs from the garden, or just enjoy the view!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your TA Board President or Storke Vice-President

The Santa Barbara City College Center for Lifelong Learning is scheduled to begin three new parenting classes at the Storke Community Center this Spring.

There are separate classes geared for children:

* 18-24 months old
*  2-3 years old.
* art experience class for children 3-5 years old.

These classes cost the public $71,
The GRANT allows Family Student Housing residents  to attended the classes for FREE!

Click HERE  to submit your tuition assistance request!


New Bike RacksUCSB-racks[1]

A message from UCSB Housing and Residential Services

Bike Rack Replacement Continues: Please keep an eye on your email and your bike rack to find out when you will need to store your bike inside or lock it in a different area.  If your bike is not removed on the day of replacement, your lock will be cut and your bike will be stored at the Grounds Shop.  You will need to show proof of ownership and a key to the cut lock to collect your bike.

All fees associated with impounded or damaged bicycles or cut locks are not the responsibility of Housing and Residential Services. As soon as the completed new bike racks are installed (tomorrow afternoon) please begin using them! In the meantime, please park your bicycle using racks in the back of our property or safely store them in your home. We’ll set up extra bike racks by the community center for residents to use during this project. Please note that some bike rack locations may change to ensure that we have proper safety clearance for emergency vehicles, access to fire alarm pull stations, water cleanout access and other important safety areas.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call Storke Office at 805-893-2617 during office hours. Thank you for your cooperation!

Family Student Housing